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Post Partum Depression

From the moment I found out I was pregnant with Charlie, I felt zero connection to her. I reduced it to hormones and thought when I saw her it would change. Instead, a darkness like I’ve never known swallowed me whole. I spent over a year dwelling in this darkness; lost, alone, confused, and pretending I was ok. Our youngest child didn’t even feel … Read More Post Partum Depression


Be The Light.

“It’s only in looking back that the dots begin to connect.” – Steve Jobs ✨ On a cold night, not long after I was born, the heat in our trailer went out. When my mother woke from the chill she found me in my crib blue and not breathing. Not for a moment did she hesitate, sit in disbelief, or allow panic to get … Read More Be The Light.


Grief & Loss

In 2014, after a long battle with cancer, I witnessed my grandpa take his last breath with my grandma by his side. It was one of the most beautiful and profound experiences of my life; I got to be present when he stepped in to restful peace. + This week, our family lost an amazing light but this feeling is not profound or beautiful. … Read More Grief & Loss


Less than one week ago the Florida Panhandle, the place that I call home, was rocked by a historical hurricane. In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, and what seems to be an endless amount of rebuilding, our community is stronger than ever. Neighbors are helping neighbors, our communities are coming together to help one another out. We’re digging out those who need assistance, feeding, … Read More #850strong

Human Design

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not fulfilling your life purpose? But can’t quit put your finger on it? Enter life coaching…kidding! (But seriously, were here to help you with that!) Enter Human Design!! Bum Bum BUUUUUUMMMMMMM! Human Design was brought into this glorious world by Ra Uru Hu in 1987 and is sort of like a horoscope. But for your life! … Read More Human Design

Everything happens for a reason

How many of us have heard or been told this at least once in your life? Too many to count for this gal! Your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband left you; everything happens for a reason. You lost your job, lost your house and ended up bankrupt; everything happens for a reason. You didn’t get that job you worked your entire life for; everything happens for a reason. … Read More Everything happens for a reason

Where do we go from here?

Rebuilding our marriage was tough, neither of us wanted to make the same mistakes again and we knew what each of us had done wrong. You would think that would make it easy but it definitely doesn’t! Transcending our patterns of behavior is so hard, especially for those of us who are stubborn. Here is what worked for me and hopefully, this can serve … Read More Where do we go from here?


Its been almost 2 years since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and let me tell you! It was a rough ride for the first year. You may not know this but for some, hashimoto’s disease hides. It lurks in the dark just waiting to throw your body for a loop and all the while, not a single doctor can find anything wrong with … Read More Hashimo-who?


The other woman

When we were separated, the hubs and I saw other people. When we started our rebuilding phase after separation, he continued to see the other woman. It was tough for me to say the least but I also understood. Leading up to our separation I was a cold and lost monster of a woman. It got knock down drag out court hearing kind of … Read More The other woman

The Perfect Marriage

See that couple right there? Cute right?! What you don’t see are serious self image issues. You don’t see an alcoholic. You don’t see the struggle to get him out of bed without being cussed and called names. You don’t see her nitpicking and attempts to control everything about their life. You don’t see a marriage that was failing before it even started. When … Read More The Perfect Marriage


Oh Hey Lady, I’m Brit.

Lets just all take a second and say hell fucking yes! You made it to here and I’m so stinking excited that you’re here. Whether you’re a potential client, current client, or just browsing around…somehow you ended up here and I don’t believe in chance! I’m Brit. 29 year old mama to 3 wild things and a (self proclaimed) cool wife. I am cheeky … Read More Oh Hey Lady, I’m Brit.