Post Partum Depression

From the moment I found out I was pregnant with Charlie, I felt zero connection to her. I reduced it to hormones and thought when I saw her it would change.

Instead, a darkness like I’ve never known swallowed me whole. I spent over a year dwelling in this darkness; lost, alone, confused, and pretending I was ok. Our youngest child didn’t even feel like she was mine until she was over 9 months old.

I believed my family would be better off without me and was faced almost daily with a decision to stay. Believe me when I say, it wasn’t an easy decision. This was a crippling and tiring fight that I wish I hadn’t done alone. But I came out stronger and with clarity I could have never achieved without this experience.

Hear this mama: you aren’t alone.

I know the fight is ugly. It hurts you, belittles you, confuses you, makes you feel alone, and without purpose. It touches everyone around you and takes you to the darkest spaces of yourself you never knew existed. I know you don’t feel like a mother let alone want to be a spouse. And if you’re like me, I know you’re faced with the decision to live.

Know this mama: You are a warrior.

I can promise you that it is possible to venture into the depths of hell and emerge in glorious victory. You may not see the light but I promise its there. You’ve been chosen for this fight for a reason.

There isn’t shame or weakness in asking for help. I know now that it is the most powerful request you could make for yourself.

If I can be a light for you in your darkness, I’m a simple click away.


Be The Light.

“It’s only in looking back that the dots begin to connect.” – Steve Jobs

On a cold night, not long after I was born, the heat in our trailer went out. When my mother woke from the chill she found me in my crib blue and not breathing.

Not for a moment did she hesitate, sit in disbelief, or allow panic to get in the way.


In front of the warm glow of the lit oven, blanketed by a robe, skin to skin; My mother saved me because she BELIEVED.

Some will say it’s not possible but this night is one I’ve dreamt of and viewed outside of my being many times. Looking back, through my dream and reflection, I can see that this experience rooted within me the ability to see light within the dark and movement within every struggle.

She may tell you stories of what she perceives to be failures in our life and my upbringing, but I tell a different story of the light and foreword movement I witnessed.

No matter what, that light is always there; She instilled that belief in me. Because of her, forward movement is my coping mechanism instead of avoidance, wallowing, or being a victim of circumstance.

That movement and that belief is there for you too, but you have to want it. You have to believe in it.

No one else can do that for you.

How will you connect the dots and find the light to create forward movement for yourself?

If you’re ready to create movement for yourself, book your free discovery call with me today.


Grief & Loss

In 2014, after a long battle with cancer, I witnessed my grandpa take his last breath with my grandma by his side. It was one of the most beautiful and profound experiences of my life; I got to be present when he stepped in to restful peace.
This week, our family lost an amazing light but this feeling is not profound or beautiful. It hurts like nothing I’ve felt, it’s dark, confusing, uncontrollable, and deep. When someone chooses to take their own life, nothing can prepare you for what comes after.
I’ve known struggle in many ways. Through the depression, anxiety, self hatred, poverty, homelessness, failure, suppression, post-partum depression, losing myself, failing marriage, autoimmune disease, loss, and now grief…I believe I’ve been placed in this darkness so that I may better serve others.
I’ve seen this past week that you can have the answers before the questions but the guilt and doubt and numbness still come. I’ve learned that regardless of peace, some things still shake your soul.
I sit presently, vulnerable in this space of grief, knowing that there is light here and that when I come out the other side I will be ready to more fully serve others if they ever walk this path.

If you need support in your healing journey or just someone to hold space for you, book your free discovery call with me today. I know this road is a tough one, you don’t have to do it alone.


Less than one week ago the Florida Panhandle, the place that I call home, was rocked by a historical hurricane.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, and what seems to be an endless amount of rebuilding, our community is stronger than ever. Neighbors are helping neighbors, our communities are coming together to help one another out. We’re digging out those who need assistance, feeding, clothing, and helping to take care of anyone who is in need.

My brother evacuated to Lynn Haven, FL because the hurricane was actually supposed to come to the town that I live in. Unfortunately, he was wrong and was left with no time to leave. So were many others. It took several days and many attempts to get to my brother, to get him to safety.

There are countless stories like this one, many which are worse.

I’ve heard that our President has said that the damage is not that bad…I’m here to tell you, from first hand experience, IT IS WORSE.


Many people are still missing. Some are dying because they haven’t seen help yet and can’t call for it. There are still people trapped in their homes waiting to be found.

So many have lost everything that they have and don’t have a way to get anywhere to start over.

There aren’t enough supplies. No one has power. There isn’t access to the internet or a cell signal to call for help.

You may ask “What about FEMA?” or “What about the American Red Cross?”

Yes, they will help eventually but right now…There isn’t enough help! FEMA has said that Panama City is basically on its own. It also takes time to process claims and start giving people money to fix their homes or move their lives.

Martial Law has been declared from Panama City east because there isn’t a power grid left. The roads are blocked with debris and in some cases, gone. People are looting. Some are sleeping outside because the shelters available to them are disgusting with reports of urine covered floors and not being fed as well as or as much as the volunteers.

Fortunately, our communities won’t let each other suffer. Our locals are some of, if not the only, first responders people are seeing. We are getting supplies to those that need them. We’re getting people help and getting them out. We’re finding housing until others can get back on their feet and providing food as well as clothing for those that lost it all.

As a healer, my heart has nearly been ripped out of my damn chest for all of those impacted.

This won’t just be a physical transformation for our Gulf Coast. Make no mistake, we will have to rebuild and we will.

There is a massive emotional and mental transformation needed as well. There will be times that it is hard to see the light in all of this darkness, but it is there.

For all those impacted or know someone that is: Remember that you have support. It is not a time to fall victim to our minds and allow our devastation to consume us. I am here for anyone needing support.

My services are available for FREE to all of those seeking assistance with their mindset and empowerment through the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. I am here to help you rebuild your life.

You are not alone. You are seen and you are heard. I will not downplay this for you, its bad. But I am here to hold your hand, sit in your shit with you, and heal so that you can continue to manifest the best fucking life possible even after the destruction we’ve seen.


xo Brit

Human Design

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not fulfilling your life purpose? But can’t quit put your finger on it? Enter life coaching…kidding! (But seriously, were here to help you with that!)

Enter Human Design!! Bum Bum BUUUUUUMMMMMMM!

Human Design was brought into this glorious world by Ra Uru Hu in 1987 and is sort of like a horoscope. But for your life!

The idea is that we all have a predetermined ‘code’ which is dictated by our time, date and place of birth. It is within these designs that we find our optimal way of being.

sky space dark galaxy

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am a manifestor with an emotional inner authority and not self theme of anger. This means that my inner authority is defined by my emotions and when I am not being my self or not achieving what it is that I seek, I will feel anger.

Lets stop right here because when I got this far I was blown the fuck away! I was never one to inform before doing or saying anything and was often met with resistance, queue anger. Once I realized that my aura is one that was repelling and that I needed to inform those around me before doing or saying something, a lot of what I had desired came rushing to my feet!

Manifestors are rare in this world, we make up about 8% of the population, and are peace seekers. Slightly confusing given our repelling aura but hold the phone! Whats that you say? Manifestors are the design that others try the most to control, why you ask? Because manifestors have the ability to move their energy into action. They’re initiators, movers, hustlers, shakers! Historically manifestors were the rulers of the world and law makers.

Knowing my human design, as well as my husbands, has been incredibly beneficial in further understanding how each other operate. Its opened up a lot of opportunity for growth in our lives as well because now we understand our truths a little more through our design.

It only makes sense that as a life coach, I would be a manifestor. Whats cool is that we may act as a catalyst for the other designs to also manifest. This is where I fall off a little bit because to me, we all have the power to manifest. However, I do understand that we have the ability to transcend our designs and this is where I believe a manifestor life coach has a lot of opportunity. If I am already naturally coded to manifest, then I would naturally fall into my space within your life to help you transcend your design in order to manifest on your own as well.

I understand that my purpose on this planet is to help others empower themselves so that they may manifest whatever it is they dream while setting healthy boundaries and fostering beautiful relationships!

My place on this earth is to seek peace, that starts with all of you! I have found it for myself and continue to further search for it every damn day! Honoring my truth and my purpose has created so much abundance in my life, I want that for you too! All it takes is one call or a simple little email.

Want to know your design? Head over to Jovian Archive, it only takes a few minutes!


Until next time, xoxo

Everything happens for a reason

How many of us have heard or been told this at least once in your life? Too many to count for this gal!

Your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband left you; everything happens for a reason.

You lost your job, lost your house and ended up bankrupt; everything happens for a reason.

You didn’t get that job you worked your entire life for; everything happens for a reason.

My husband and I are spiritual people. Sure, we go to church but we don’t identify as Christian. We also live in the south where southern conservative baptists reign. To each their own!

Our interpretation of the Bible is probably different than yours but for the purpose of brevity, let me run it down quickly. We essentially believe that Jesus could have just been an incredibly woke individual and possibly the first. As such, he was persecuted. But then others began to awake. And now, so many are opening their eyes!

To us, the Bible is most certainly a way to live your life but it’s not meant to be literal. Just as with other religions, they’re guidelines. But what determines our transcendence in this life is whether or not we abide by those guidelines.

We believe that heaven and hell are mindset. Not some glowy or fiery place in the sky or well below our feet. We believe the higher powers speak to all of us through our souls. The difference is how aligned you are with your path.

There are also things that detach our souls from the body. Substances like alcohol or ‘sinning’ hinder our ability to remain in touch with our soul. Lying throws the throat chakra out of line thus creating imbalance and so on.

Now how does this all come full circle?

Your evolution, your transcendence, in this life is dependent upon how you live your life. If you sin and do not acknowledge it nor change something about yourself, if you do not repent, you will not be allowed to move forward. If you are not honest and your throat chakra is out of line, you will not come closer to enlightenment. If you dwell on the past instead of letting it go and remaining in the present, you will be stuck my friend.

The universe tends to bring upheaval when it is time for us to transcend. If we do not trust the process and that everything happens for a reason, we will stay stagnant.

That house of yours in foreclosure, the job you didn’t get but studied your ass off for through 6 years of college, ‘the one that got away’….

The more you cling to them the more you get sucked into the dream, left to chase complacency for the rest of your life.

So ask yourself, am I meant for more?

That voice calling out to you, what is it saying?

That passion of yours, why hasn’t it been fueled to fruition?

The dream life and dream job and dream lover and all of the things YOU want for yourself, where did it get lost in all of the “shoulds”?

You should make this much money before you do this. You should have this kind of house before you have that. Who gives a fuck what you others tell you that you should do?!

Your soul is begging you, pleading with you to let it out. To stop suppressing it. To live your dreams and walk the path of least resistance. Your soul knows abundance is out there waiting for you. It also knows your clinging for dear fucking life to whatever it is that you won’t let go of.

Just because you didn’t get the job you worked your whole life for doesn’t mean it’s over. It just means the universe is trying to tell you something.

Lean in.

Listen, to your heart and your soul.

Listen to your body.

Where do we go from here?

Rebuilding our marriage was tough, neither of us wanted to make the same mistakes again and we knew what each of us had done wrong. You would think that would make it easy but it definitely doesn’t! Transcending our patterns of behavior is so hard, especially for those of us who are stubborn. Here is what worked for me and hopefully, this can serve as a simple guide to help you on your journey as well!

Relationships aren’t easy y’all! They take work, they take want, and they take choosing your person every day. So, here goes!!!

1. Forget what happened

Whatever it is, forget it. Maybe your partner cheated or they’ve moved out for space, I know it hurts but you have to put it to the side. This is the time to focus on what you want! And you want to rebuild your relationship, am I right? Other wise you wouldn’t be here. Saving your marriage or relationship is more important than whatever it is that happened. So, forget it and focus on what you want to manifest!

2. Be happy and stay happy

Pain sucks, I know. Wallowing in your self pity is just down right shitty and you’re better than that! Do what makes you happy and keep doing it. Find what makes you laugh, what inspires you, what makes you feel expressive and alive! And don’t just do it once, do it a lot! Share it with your partner or spouse. Life might suck right now but that doesn’t mean happiness just gets tossed out the bedroom window onto the front lawn. How can you make today great?!

3. Short and sweet

I know you think they need to hear how much they’ve hurt you over and over and over….but they don’t! Quit it, right now!! You have a lot to say and I’m sure you could fill a book but I promise, the more fluff you cut out the better. The more concise and conscious your communication is, the better response you’ll get. You want to pave the way to a better future, don’t you? Get to the point, you catch more bees with honey.

4. LISTEN, damn it!

Instead of beating the same ol’ drum day in and day out, listen. Give your partner space to speak. Hold back the anger, don’t interrupt or bring on the tears. “I hear you” goes a loonnngg way. Listen with intention, lean in, and watch your partner start to lean in too.

5. Look inward

This may be a tough pill to swallow but guess what? You’ve got some shit to work on too. There is a lot of power in looking inward for areas of improvement. I am a strong believer in manifestation and we manifest what we encounter! How did you contribute to your relationship going in the shitter? Maybe you nitpick…everything! Maybe you’re overly critical? When was the last time you just said thank you when bae brought you get a gift instead of ripping it to fucking pieces?! Ask yourself, how can I improve? Then apologize. Say sorry for being controlling or critical or whatever it is. There is a hell of a lot more power in overcoming our ego than holding on to it for dear life.

6. Say thank you

A little goes a long way here! It doesn’t matter what it is, say thank you. This lets your partner know what they’re doing is working but also appreciated. This also allows us to focus on what we want instead of falling back into our nitpicking or controlling ways. The more you focus on what you want, the more you manifest it!

7. Get your flirt on and flash those pearly whites!

Smile at your partner. You’re committed to a happy and fulfilling life, yes? Then smile! You will attract what you project, it doesn’t matter if you’re smiling for the future you envision, yourself, or your partner. If you smile instead and shout and cry, they will too. Paying attention to our happiness helps set us up for a mindset of gratitude.

When we flirt it boosts our confidence but also tells our partner we feel attractive, this in turn provides space for them to lean in as well. Be playful, send flirty texts, laugh together, make inside jokes, date! The more you put yourself out there the more confidence you will project but also feel.

8. Seduce your partner!

Just because you are committed doesn’t mean you let the flame die out. Lack of seduction, wether you recognize it or not, may have possibly contributed to your problems. Intimacy is a great place to start when rebuilding a relationship. It allows for a bond and trust to form which are both essential to any successful relationship.

9. Skip counseling, get a coach.

Instead of seeking someone out to let you sit and complain about one another, get a coach. No one gets where they want by complaining. Instead, find a relationship coach. We’ve been where you are and we’ve risen from the ashes blazing, beautiful phoenixes!

10. Get dressed.

Make every single meeting, even if it’s in the kitchen, a date. Dress yourself, put your face on, fix that glorious mane of yours and let them see your confidence. This not only boosts your confidence but again projects your confidence.

These are only a few of the simple steps I took to get my husband back. I know it sucks but it gets better! Focus on what you want watch it manifest right before your eyes.

Maybe you need help focusing on that end game? I know I did at times and I’m here for you. I’ve been there. I’ve gone through the shit and we came out smelling like roses. You can too! I’m here to be your cheerleader, your personal hype (wo)man, if you will.

Book your free discovery call with me today.

Until next time.

xoxo Brit


Its been almost 2 years since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and let me tell you! It was a rough ride for the first year.
You may not know this but for some, hashimoto’s disease hides. It lurks in the dark just waiting to throw your body for a loop and all the while, not a single doctor can find anything wrong with you. You’re “normal” because most doctors don’t know how to read your labs.

With Hashimoto’s disease you can go through bouts of depression, have trouble with anxiety, your weight fluctuates from one day to the next, your skin and hair suffer, you can develop psoriasis or even worse…arthritis! This list goes on. Its a strange thing to hav your body attack itself and even stranger to try and understand it to create balance.

Every single time your thyroid switches directions, all of your hormones go with it. The ups and downs mimic several mental illnesses and often times lead to people being misdiagnosed as bipolar or something of the sort. I was one of those people misdiagnosed and let me tell you, it was a massive relief when I received my diagnosis and things began to come full circle for me.

I struggled with anxiety, depression, social anxiety, insane weight gain or weight loss, malnutrition, heart problems, fainting spells and so on. When I met my husband, I weighed nearly 190 lbs and six months later I weighed 145 expecting our second child. NUTS y’all. When I got to my first semester of graduate school, I remember sitting and reading and entire chapter but not retaining a single bit of it. Then I started to think about how often I was forgetting things, which wasn’t like me. How often was I taking a nap?

I couldn’t even stay awake in the car line to pick our oldest up from school let alone stay awake behind the wheel of my car. I experienced DAILY extreme highs and extreme lows. It was impressive with how well I could carry a conversation and remember not a single second of it.

Fast forward to several months into treatment, my life is falling apart and I have never not been so disconnected from myself. I’m not one to promote pharmaceuticals but to be honest, I was so desperate to end the brain fog and exhaustion that I took whatever my endocrinologist told me to. Once I got to the point where I was worse than when I started and one year into treatment, I said fuck it.

I stopped taking the testosterone, threw out the progesterone, chucked the synthroid, quit the adderall, and gave the supplements I was snorting up my nose the boot. We had spent nearly a thousand dollars per month to treat me and I GOT WORSE. Not to mention the financial stress it put on our relationship and our family.

It wasn’t until I fully educated myself that I advocated for myself. Its not enough to follow an auto-immune protocol diet and take whatever the doctor tells you. You have to find what works for you and your body, you have to understand on some level how your body works and what will keep it running efficiently.

What worked for me?

I threw out the meds. One of the best damn things I’ve ever done. Your body becomes dependent on that shit and won’t function without it. Do you want to “cure” your body or “treat” your body? Now I take a thyroid support supplement, stick to my diet, and consciously listen to my body any differences or imbalances.

I learned to read labs. PEOPLE, Learn to read your damn labs! There are so many resources out there to educate ourselves with. Doctors are NOT educated on how to read labs, they look at ranges and go no further. They aren’t educated on how to read your labs to see any imbalances so you absolutely must educated yourself.

STOP EATING THE SHIT YOU AREN’T SUPPOSED TO EAT. It actually does do damage to your body and tells your body to basically try to kill a part of itself. I have found its not enough to follow an AIP diet. For instance, any starch does not sit well with. It actually causes me to pack on the pounds. Experiment, find what works for you, but most importantly treat food like it is medicine!! Because for you fellow Hashimoto’s warriors, food is actual medicine. And if not used properly, it has the power to run you into the ground.

Exercise. This is HUGGEE. If you don’t take care of that body and eat right, it won’t serve you well. You’ll be tired. You’ll have trouble controlling your appetite. Or worse, you’ll gain or lose weight uncontrollably. Exercise has been so crucial in maintaining this mombod of mine while living with this disease.

So whats the lesson here? Advocate for yourself. If you don’t care enough to ask the questions, challenge the system, and heal yourself then your doctor won’t either. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to the healthcare system.

Ask questions. Show up for yourself. Develop a better relationship with food and in turn yourself!

Love Your Selfie!


The other woman

When we were separated, the hubs and I saw other people. When we started our rebuilding phase after separation, he continued to see the other woman. It was tough for me to say the least but I also understood. Leading up to our separation I was a cold and lost monster of a woman. It got knock down drag out court hearing kind of messy with both of us wondering how in the hell did we get here?!
When I came to my husband to speak for the first time since separating, I had done some serious work on myself. I was stripped of my pride, I had let go of my ego, I knew what I wanted but I expected nothing from him. I simply communicated what I knew I had done to contribute to our downfall and that I didn’t know what to do moving forward but I knew that he was my person.
I missed being his wife, laughing with him, feeling his warmth, and waiting for him to come home from work to cook for him. I knew we were meant to be together from the moment I met him that night in the rain and so did he. At times yes I did question my certainty, even denying it to myself for some time. Suppression is a strange animal. I would never give up on our love though and I never will.
At first when the girls and I moved back into our home, I was emotional all of the time and he was distant. He hadn’t expected any of this to happen, I mean we had been through literal mind boggling hell, which I’ll eventually write about another day. This other woman hanging around obviously posed some issues but ultimately provided us with so many lessons, individually and mutually.
See, this woman knew that I had moved back into the home with our girls and had presented herself as being understanding of the situation. She was recently divorced with kids of her own.
At the beginning, my husband was reluctant to jump into rebuilding, a lot of damage had happened and facing that damage to heal was a hard decision. It most certainly would have been easier to live in the false reality that had been painted with her. I knew he was better than that though, it would just take some time for him to come around.

Over the course of a few months this woman continued to tell my husband that she loved him and was meant for him but that they had no future together. Acceptance and rejection all in one foul swoop y’all, thats impressive. But, it made me hurt for him. She even tried to talk him into moving out of the home and paid for him to see HER counselor.
At times, yes I went a little 2007 Britney. I texted the counselor because I felt like my husband was being manipulated and even made it clear to her that I was NOT going to be going anywhere.
Regardless, I stayed patient and appreciated how honest he was being with me around the whole ordeal. He shared with me the things they talked about, how he felt about her and what it was about her that made him comfortable. I could see that he was looking for in her what he had missed in me.
At various points, I even attempted to be this woman’s friend. My husband had expressed interest in her staying around because he valued her friendship. We even talked about our marriage being open at times, she definitely didn’t agree.

It should be noted that keeping an open mind in rebuilding our relationships is crucial but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt. Its probably going to hurt like hell but I promise, the growth you need and want is there.

When the other woman expressed wanting him to choose her over his family, I questioned what was really going on in her mind. I’m not one to promote staying for the kids but I couldn’t fathom as a grown woman, owning my own business in a small town, wanting a man to leave his family for myself and children.
If they were just friends, why was she still wanting him to choose her? I knew what he had communicated with me and didn’t feel he had any reason to lie. So I stayed true to myself and continued to wait it out.
After about 2 months of her sticking around and toying with my husband, I was worried that it would NEVER end. Rumors were flying all over our little seaside town and I was nearing the end of my rope. She was victimizing herself in this whole ordeal, even asking my husband to make out with her behind his place of work. I couldn’t afford to get caught up in their mess, so I decided to step back.
That is when my husband really started to realize what was happening, even began to get annoyed with her, and ultimately realized that she isn’t who she says.
So whats the point here? I went through a NASTY separation, experienced my husband seeing another woman, and still we came out on top.

You can too.

What you probably aren’t hearing from others is that you should stay, in most cases. Domestic violence being one of those that you should seriously seek help for.

I am thankful for the other woman. I learned a lot from her, mostly about myself. I have a lot of compassion for this woman as I can see that she’s struggling to accept herself. I think its what drew me to wanting to be friendly with her in the first place. As a woman who has found and owned her power, its gut wrenching when you find another who is projecting so hard but not embodying.

If you want your relationship to work, it can and it will. If you don’t then you really don’t need to seek advice now do you?

Whats keeping you from repairing your relationship? Are you afraid that you aren’t strong enough? That you aren’t good enough? Maybe theres another woman for you too, or another man, and you feel that maybe your partner is better off with them?
Guess what? I’ve felt and experienced all of those things. You know who you are, you know that you are good enough. Your spouse doesn’t do whatever it is that they’re doing because of you, its because of something that they aren’t happy with in themselves.

Fixing a broken relationship takes courage. It takes a hell of a lotta strength and bigger balls than you’ve ever seen because sometimes, the decision to stay isn’t the popular one and you’ll be alone in supporting yourself.


This is us now and let me tell you, I am so stinkin’ proud of where we’ve been, what we did to over come it, and the relationship that we’ve built because of it.

I see you. I see the struggle. I see the lies to hide whats really going on. But I also see a goddess, I see a king, begging to be released so that you two can own your truth.
We all know you want the rockstar sex fairytale relationship, why haven’t you reached out to take it?

If you’re ready, and I think you are, lets partner up.
Lets discover that self love, break down those walls, find your truth, and truly step into your power.

Book your free discovery call with me today

The Perfect Marriage


See that couple right there? Cute right?!

What you don’t see are serious self image issues. You don’t see an alcoholic. You don’t see the struggle to get him out of bed without being cussed and called names. You don’t see her nitpicking and attempts to control everything about their life.

You don’t see a marriage that was failing before it even started.

When my husband and I separated last year we had only been married for 2 years. We had 2 beautiful babies together and he had the job he always wanted but ultimately we found ourselves failing. We fought constantly, I had no idea how bad his drinking issues were, we never actually communicated anything with one another, and to top it all off he was never home because of work which left me at home with our three girls grasping to any bit of my identity that I had left. Ultimately I found myself incredibly lost, drifting through life, and taking the worst advice I possibly could.

To Leave.

It wasn’t until after we separated that I realized how well I had been hiding our issues. People told me that they basically idolized our life, they thought that we had it all and lived in some fairytale. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!

One day I looked at myself and thought, “What in the hell am I doing?! What are we doing?! I love my husband and miss being his wife.”. Regardless of our issues, my husband was and had always been my best friend in the whole world. He had become someone different but guess what? SO HAD I!!

I wasn’t some nitpicking, condescending wife but that was exactly who I had become. I was the root cause of my downfall. I limited myself in every way but blamed it on anyone but myself.

Now, looking back on this image, I see the fairytale that my life has become. Fixing our marriage was the best thing that we have ever done. Its brought us so much closer together and introduced a level of honesty in our relationship that would shock the hell out of anyone. Our sex life is JUICY ladies, J U I C Y. We lean on one another and lift one another up.

Guess what goddess, you can have that to. The real question is, do you want to have it?

Do you want to have your fairytale? Whats holding you back from having it all?

See, once you let go of expectations and trying to control everything thats where the true magic happens. In case no one has told you, life is going to happen regardless of how much you try to control it. Just like your husband isn’t going to know to help with things around the house or to change a dirty diaper unless you ASK.

HES A MAN. Men aren’t innately wired to nurture like we are.

When we nitpick and blow up about the things we want but didn’t ask for we make our spouses feel less. They feel like they’re failing because they aren’t a damn mind reader and can never do anything right. When we set them up for failure guess what happens? They fucking fail and its not ones fault but ours.

FYI: you aren’t a mind reader either.

Mama, I know you need help. I know you want the trash taken out. I know you want your husband to buy you that super awesome gift. I know you want date nights with laughter and connection. I know you want better and more sex, even if you won’t admit it to yourself.

What are you doing yourself to get those things?


Until next time goddess.

Brit Sully xoxo


Oh Hey Lady, I’m Brit.

Lets just all take a second and say hell fucking yes! You made it to here and I’m so stinking excited that you’re here. Whether you’re a potential client, current client, or just browsing around…somehow you ended up here and I don’t believe in chance!


I’m Brit. 29 year old mama to 3 wild things and a (self proclaimed) cool wife. I am cheeky as hell and have absolutely NO SHAME with this mom bod of mine. It wasn’t always that way though.

IMG_0802This is my husband, super amazing chef. Plus, he’s legit drop dead gorgeous y’all ….gahh

Lets take a second to cool down…..phew! As I was saying, not too long ago I decided to stop fighting the powers that be and gave in to my purpose. I’ve known what a life coach is for most of my life but like a lot of women I know, I discounted my life experience. Who the hell am I to be coaching anyone on life?! Then I realized that there is never a “right time” or better day. Coaching is about empowerment, connection, and soul searching. So, I dove in head first and here I am!

Whats my purpose specifically? Glad you asked!

I want to help women own their power. My goal is to provide a space where women empower themselves, yes sister. YOU. TOO. I want women to have no shame in their self love and no guilt in their self care but also stop comparing themselves to the Kardashian’s or whomever else you follow on the gram. I want you ALL to have rockstar sex fairytale relationships because you can! But also understand that life isn’t a damn Disney movie, as much as I wish it were sometimes. I’m here to help you understand that its ok to say no, that you can find yourself again, your relationships can be fixed, and you can unleash your inner goddess who’s just DYING to come out!

How do I know?

I’ve been there, I’ve done that. I bought the ticket, hated the ride, and got my shit together. It wasn’t easy either. I had to get raw and real with Brittany. There was a lot buried deep down inside of me with a thick as calcified wall of fear around it.

Nothing worth having comes easy, especially not your soul or its purpose.

Do you want to honor your truth and let your light shine like a beacon for others?
Are you ready to manifest your dream life and live with purpose?
Do you want to be happily fucking taken instead of living like some con man peddling lies about your personal life?
Are you ready to get down and dirty with your soul to unleash your goddess in all of her glory?

I’ve chased the dream. I’ve had success and also run my life into the fucking ground. Guns a blazing’, fire burnin’, shit exploding all around me kind of crash and burn.
A real fucking Hollywood production it was!

Whats keeping you from putting a bandaid on your booboo and making your dreams a reality?

I know that job waiting tables is glamorous and all with your little black apron but is that really all you’re meant to do in this life? I’m gonna go ahead and say no, I’m betting you agree.

Whats keep you from honoring your truth and owning our power?

I am so here to lift you up rebel soul babe. Feel the suns warmth on your skin, the light is there. You just have to be brave enough to let it in.