“It’s only in looking back that the dots begin to connect.” – Steve Jobs

On a cold night, not long after I was born, the heat in our trailer went out. When my mother woke from the chill she found me in my crib blue and not breathing.

Not for a moment did she hesitate, sit in disbelief, or allow panic to get in the way.


In front of the warm glow of the lit oven, blanketed by a robe, skin to skin; My mother saved me because she BELIEVED.

Some will say it’s not possible but this night is one I’ve dreamt of and viewed outside of my being many times. Looking back, through my dream and reflection, I can see that this experience rooted within me the ability to see light within the dark and movement within every struggle.

She may tell you stories of what she perceives to be failures in our life and my upbringing, but I tell a different story of the light and foreword movement I witnessed.

No matter what, that light is always there; She instilled that belief in me. Because of her, forward movement is my coping mechanism instead of avoidance, wallowing, or being a victim of circumstance.

That movement and that belief is there for you too, but you have to want it. You have to believe in it.

No one else can do that for you.

How will you connect the dots and find the light to create forward movement for yourself?

If you’re ready to create movement for yourself, book your free discovery call with me today.

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