Less than one week ago the Florida Panhandle, the place that I call home, was rocked by a historical hurricane.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, and what seems to be an endless amount of rebuilding, our community is stronger than ever. Neighbors are helping neighbors, our communities are coming together to help one another out. We’re digging out those who need assistance, feeding, clothing, and helping to take care of anyone who is in need.

My brother evacuated to Lynn Haven, FL because the hurricane was actually supposed to come to the town that I live in. Unfortunately, he was wrong and was left with no time to leave. So were many others. It took several days and many attempts to get to my brother, to get him to safety.

There are countless stories like this one, many which are worse.

I’ve heard that our President has said that the damage is not that bad…I’m here to tell you, from first hand experience, IT IS WORSE.


Many people are still missing. Some are dying because they haven’t seen help yet and can’t call for it. There are still people trapped in their homes waiting to be found.

So many have lost everything that they have and don’t have a way to get anywhere to start over.

There aren’t enough supplies. No one has power. There isn’t access to the internet or a cell signal to call for help.

You may ask “What about FEMA?” or “What about the American Red Cross?”

Yes, they will help eventually but right now…There isn’t enough help! FEMA has said that Panama City is basically on its own. It also takes time to process claims and start giving people money to fix their homes or move their lives.

Martial Law has been declared from Panama City east because there isn’t a power grid left. The roads are blocked with debris and in some cases, gone. People are looting. Some are sleeping outside because the shelters available to them are disgusting with reports of urine covered floors and not being fed as well as or as much as the volunteers.

Fortunately, our communities won’t let each other suffer. Our locals are some of, if not the only, first responders people are seeing. We are getting supplies to those that need them. We’re getting people help and getting them out. We’re finding housing until others can get back on their feet and providing food as well as clothing for those that lost it all.

As a healer, my heart has nearly been ripped out of my damn chest for all of those impacted.

This won’t just be a physical transformation for our Gulf Coast. Make no mistake, we will have to rebuild and we will.

There is a massive emotional and mental transformation needed as well. There will be times that it is hard to see the light in all of this darkness, but it is there.

For all those impacted or know someone that is: Remember that you have support. It is not a time to fall victim to our minds and allow our devastation to consume us. I am here for anyone needing support.

My services are available for FREE to all of those seeking assistance with their mindset and empowerment through the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. I am here to help you rebuild your life.

You are not alone. You are seen and you are heard. I will not downplay this for you, its bad. But I am here to hold your hand, sit in your shit with you, and heal so that you can continue to manifest the best fucking life possible even after the destruction we’ve seen.


xo Brit

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