Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not fulfilling your life purpose? But can’t quit put your finger on it? Enter life coaching…kidding! (But seriously, were here to help you with that!)

Enter Human Design!! Bum Bum BUUUUUUMMMMMMM!

Human Design was brought into this glorious world by Ra Uru Hu in 1987 and is sort of like a horoscope. But for your life!

The idea is that we all have a predetermined ‘code’ which is dictated by our time, date and place of birth. It is within these designs that we find our optimal way of being.

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I am a manifestor with an emotional inner authority and not self theme of anger. This means that my inner authority is defined by my emotions and when I am not being my self or not achieving what it is that I seek, I will feel anger.

Lets stop right here because when I got this far I was blown the fuck away! I was never one to inform before doing or saying anything and was often met with resistance, queue anger. Once I realized that my aura is one that was repelling and that I needed to inform those around me before doing or saying something, a lot of what I had desired came rushing to my feet!

Manifestors are rare in this world, we make up about 8% of the population, and are peace seekers. Slightly confusing given our repelling aura but hold the phone! Whats that you say? Manifestors are the design that others try the most to control, why you ask? Because manifestors have the ability to move their energy into action. They’re initiators, movers, hustlers, shakers! Historically manifestors were the rulers of the world and law makers.

Knowing my human design, as well as my husbands, has been incredibly beneficial in further understanding how each other operate. Its opened up a lot of opportunity for growth in our lives as well because now we understand our truths a little more through our design.

It only makes sense that as a life coach, I would be a manifestor. Whats cool is that we may act as a catalyst for the other designs to also manifest. This is where I fall off a little bit because to me, we all have the power to manifest. However, I do understand that we have the ability to transcend our designs and this is where I believe a manifestor life coach has a lot of opportunity. If I am already naturally coded to manifest, then I would naturally fall into my space within your life to help you transcend your design in order to manifest on your own as well.

I understand that my purpose on this planet is to help others empower themselves so that they may manifest whatever it is they dream while setting healthy boundaries and fostering beautiful relationships!

My place on this earth is to seek peace, that starts with all of you! I have found it for myself and continue to further search for it every damn day! Honoring my truth and my purpose has created so much abundance in my life, I want that for you too! All it takes is one call or a simple little email.

Want to know your design? Head over to Jovian Archive, it only takes a few minutes!


Until next time, xoxo

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