How many of us have heard or been told this at least once in your life? Too many to count for this gal!

Your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband left you; everything happens for a reason.

You lost your job, lost your house and ended up bankrupt; everything happens for a reason.

You didn’t get that job you worked your entire life for; everything happens for a reason.

My husband and I are spiritual people. Sure, we go to church but we don’t identify as Christian. We also live in the south where southern conservative baptists reign. To each their own!

Our interpretation of the Bible is probably different than yours but for the purpose of brevity, let me run it down quickly. We essentially believe that Jesus could have just been an incredibly woke individual and possibly the first. As such, he was persecuted. But then others began to awake. And now, so many are opening their eyes!

To us, the Bible is most certainly a way to live your life but it’s not meant to be literal. Just as with other religions, they’re guidelines. But what determines our transcendence in this life is whether or not we abide by those guidelines.

We believe that heaven and hell are mindset. Not some glowy or fiery place in the sky or well below our feet. We believe the higher powers speak to all of us through our souls. The difference is how aligned you are with your path.

There are also things that detach our souls from the body. Substances like alcohol or ‘sinning’ hinder our ability to remain in touch with our soul. Lying throws the throat chakra out of line thus creating imbalance and so on.

Now how does this all come full circle?

Your evolution, your transcendence, in this life is dependent upon how you live your life. If you sin and do not acknowledge it nor change something about yourself, if you do not repent, you will not be allowed to move forward. If you are not honest and your throat chakra is out of line, you will not come closer to enlightenment. If you dwell on the past instead of letting it go and remaining in the present, you will be stuck my friend.

The universe tends to bring upheaval when it is time for us to transcend. If we do not trust the process and that everything happens for a reason, we will stay stagnant.

That house of yours in foreclosure, the job you didn’t get but studied your ass off for through 6 years of college, ‘the one that got away’….

The more you cling to them the more you get sucked into the dream, left to chase complacency for the rest of your life.

So ask yourself, am I meant for more?

That voice calling out to you, what is it saying?

That passion of yours, why hasn’t it been fueled to fruition?

The dream life and dream job and dream lover and all of the things YOU want for yourself, where did it get lost in all of the “shoulds”?

You should make this much money before you do this. You should have this kind of house before you have that. Who gives a fuck what you others tell you that you should do?!

Your soul is begging you, pleading with you to let it out. To stop suppressing it. To live your dreams and walk the path of least resistance. Your soul knows abundance is out there waiting for you. It also knows your clinging for dear fucking life to whatever it is that you won’t let go of.

Just because you didn’t get the job you worked your whole life for doesn’t mean it’s over. It just means the universe is trying to tell you something.

Lean in.

Listen, to your heart and your soul.

Listen to your body.

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