Lets just all take a second and say hell fucking yes! You made it to here and I’m so stinking excited that you’re here. Whether you’re a potential client, current client, or just browsing around…somehow you ended up here and I don’t believe in chance!


I’m Brit. 29 year old mama to 3 wild things and a (self proclaimed) cool wife. I am cheeky as hell and have absolutely NO SHAME with this mom bod of mine. It wasn’t always that way though.

IMG_0802This is my husband, super amazing chef. Plus, he’s legit drop dead gorgeous y’all ….gahh

Lets take a second to cool down…..phew! As I was saying, not too long ago I decided to stop fighting the powers that be and gave in to my purpose. I’ve known what a life coach is for most of my life but like a lot of women I know, I discounted my life experience. Who the hell am I to be coaching anyone on life?! Then I realized that there is never a “right time” or better day. Coaching is about empowerment, connection, and soul searching. So, I dove in head first and here I am!

Whats my purpose specifically? Glad you asked!

I want to help women own their power. My goal is to provide a space where women empower themselves, yes sister. YOU. TOO. I want women to have no shame in their self love and no guilt in their self care but also stop comparing themselves to the Kardashian’s or whomever else you follow on the gram. I want you ALL to have rockstar sex fairytale relationships because you can! But also understand that life isn’t a damn Disney movie, as much as I wish it were sometimes. I’m here to help you understand that its ok to say no, that you can find yourself again, your relationships can be fixed, and you can unleash your inner goddess who’s just DYING to come out!

How do I know?

I’ve been there, I’ve done that. I bought the ticket, hated the ride, and got my shit together. It wasn’t easy either. I had to get raw and real with Brittany. There was a lot buried deep down inside of me with a thick as calcified wall of fear around it.

Nothing worth having comes easy, especially not your soul or its purpose.

Do you want to honor your truth and let your light shine like a beacon for others?
Are you ready to manifest your dream life and live with purpose?
Do you want to be happily fucking taken instead of living like some con man peddling lies about your personal life?
Are you ready to get down and dirty with your soul to unleash your goddess in all of her glory?

I’ve chased the dream. I’ve had success and also run my life into the fucking ground. Guns a blazing’, fire burnin’, shit exploding all around me kind of crash and burn.
A real fucking Hollywood production it was!

Whats keeping you from putting a bandaid on your booboo and making your dreams a reality?

I know that job waiting tables is glamorous and all with your little black apron but is that really all you’re meant to do in this life? I’m gonna go ahead and say no, I’m betting you agree.

Whats keep you from honoring your truth and owning our power?

I am so here to lift you up rebel soul babe. Feel the suns warmth on your skin, the light is there. You just have to be brave enough to let it in.

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